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Sunday 07 September, 2014

Ladurée in Brussels

  Dear macarons lovers, today I discovered Ladurée the famous French tea room, bakery, restaurant,… is opened now in Brussels! The store opened yesterday and although it is quite a large store they will only be selling not serving food like they do in France, the USA and Japan. Ladurée: 40 rue place du Sablon, […]

Saturday 06 September, 2014

Recipe | Cookies

Now that the weather in Brussels is quickly going back to the usual gloomy sky, I’ve found myself wanting to bake and cook a lot more again. I love chocolate chip cookies but can’t seem to like the processed ones, that always have a ton of weird ingredients and are way too sweet and greasy […]

Wednesday 03 September, 2014

Food | Kokuban

Yesterday we went to Kokuban, a Japanese restaurant in a small street close to avenue Louise. This restaurant is really nice and feels like it offers authentic Japanese food, that being said I have never been to Japan. The service is efficient and the food was served really fast and was oh so good! I […]