Bag content Coccinelle
Monday 29 September, 2014

What’s in my bag

I have shown you my Whistles’ Heidi bag a fair amount of times in the past couple of weeks and though it is far from being the only bag I own, it is the one I have been sporting all month. I thought it was time for me to show you what I carry around in it.

Bag content Coccinelle

Coccinelle wallet I got it while in Rome after spending all year with a small wallet I decided to go back to a larger one. I keep my metro card, my ID, my credit card, cash… It is perfect and I love this purple colour. Also I had no idea the brand had an online store but I am glad I got it while in Rome as it was cheaper.

Clarins light natural lip perfector : I have the rose shimmer version (colour 01). This is the perfect lip product to give a nice colour to your lip and there is no risk of it smudging or anything. To me it is a really nice product to carry around in your bag.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream: I don’t wear this cream at home enough, but I love to carry it around as it is a multi purpose cream that will take care of any dry patch you might have. I had a cold last week and having it with me to apply on my nose was perfect!

Uriage Bariéderm cream: This balm has been my favourite for two years now and I will admit that I panic, just a tiny bit, when I don’t have it with me. It is super soothing will protect and nourish your lips it is amazing. It is a fraction of the 8 hour cream’s price and it will last you for ever and ever!

Bath and body works hand sanitiser: The tiny ones are perfect for carrying around in your bag and they smell super good! Perfect for when you are on the go.

Iphone: I must confess guys I am absolutely obsessed with my Iphone. I love to read tweets and look at instagram accounts. I recently switched back to this case that I love, I think the bear is called Rilakkuma it was a present from Japan and I know it looks oh so professional…

Hema Notebook: As much as I use my Iphone way too much, when it comes to writing down ideas I always prefer using a notebook, I have been carrying a notebook around to write down blog ideas. These Hema ruled notebooks are the bomb, they come in a kraft cover (like the one pictured here), neon pink, Tiffany blue and grey. They are a perfect format to carry around (A5). Did I mention they cost 2,75 euros??

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