At home manicure Essie
Sunday 28 September, 2014

Chillaxing Sunday #2 | At home Manicure

I have quite sensitive skin and on my hands I often have eczema, I therefore much prefer doing my manicures at home.
Sundays are usually my pampering day and this is when I take the time to do my manicure.
Over the years I have tried many products but for the past few years two products have rarely left my routine.
After preparing my nails, I use the following products.

At home manicure Essie

Base coat: Essie- Ridge filling base coat (11,20 euros)
This base is perfect to make your nails even and also to prepare them for the nail varnish. Also, the base coat is very important, especially when wearing coloured nail varnish, as it prevents your nails from becoming yellow.

Nail varnish: Essie- Canyon Coral essie- Licorice (10,50 euros)
Now this is the part that changes all the time… If I had to choose one nailpolish for the cold months I would go for licorice and for the warm months I would go for the coral one.
Also, for a good nude I recommend the oh so famous “Ballet slippers” by Essie. But like I said it does change all the time…

Topcoat:Essie- Good to go (11,90 euros) or Sally Hansen- Insta Dri (6,70 euros)
Essie Good-to-go has been my go-to topcoat for at least three years. I absolutely love it, Good-to-go dries really quickly, does an amazing job at preventing the nailpolish from chipping and gives a nice shine.
Last time I went to Paris, my local Sephora did not have it anymore and I had to try the Sally Hanssen one. Well I must say I do not regret it. It has all the qualities the Essie one has, though I would say it dries a tiny bit slower.

Do you usually do your nails at home or do you have them done?

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