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Wednesday 17 September, 2014

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By the time this post gets to you, I will be on my way to the airport to fly to Italy for work. On Friday I will be flying to Spain for a wedding. But fear not dear reader as I have planned a few posts for you including the following with the oh so sexy topic that is my skin.

As a kid my skin was diagnosed as being atopic, which basically means I have eczema and very dry skin. In Brussels, the water you shower with is far from good for my skin condition so I try to compensate by using the right products.

As a teenager and for a long time after that I hated having to shower with pharmacy soap because it didn’t smell of anything. You know when you went crazy at the Body Shop to find different scents for your shower gel? Well I wasn’t supposed to do that… but I still did, because well I was quite the rebellious teen and refused to use pharmacy soap!

Anyways, my best friend and super good dermatologist reminded me this summer that I was supposed to use “surgras” soap, meaning “ultra-rich” soap. That is when she recommended I try the Bioderma Atoder range seeing as I was already a fan of the moisturizer Atoderm Intensive *. I haven’t gone back, I love them they smell of a neutral clean scent which is not what you would go for if you are a fan of scented soaps, but they are so much better than what was available when I was a kid! And they make my skin feel smooth which is a definite plus!

She told me I could use both the Ultra-rich foaming gel **,for when my skin was particularly irritated and when my skin was more normal I could use the soap free Cleansing gel **.

If you have dry skin or simply irritated skin I can only recommend you try these products. If you do not need these kind of cleansers then I still would recommend the moisturizer it is simply amazing and will leave any dry patch feeling soothed.

* 75mL, 5,90 euros

**1L bottles, 9,50 euros each

bioderma atoderm

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