Thursday 03 July, 2014

Beauty | Estelle and Thild

Pernilla Rönnberg created Estelle and Thild in 2007, in an attempt to provide organic beauty products for her daughters Estelle and Mathilde. She wanted to develop an innovative skin care brand rooted in organic ingredients and sustainable technology with a feeling of luxury.

I first heard about Estelle and Thild in a store in Brussels, which rarely happens now as I shop more online. I was looking for a purifying mask and was drawn to Aesop but the salesperson told me to look into Estelle and Thild scrub and mask.
Background information:
I have an atopic skin type, but in my late teens early twenties I started having a mixed skin type with a greasier T-zone (a best of both worlds kind of thing). My skin is quite sensitive and products like Roche or Avène do not work on my skin despite them being for sensitive skins.
When I moved to Montréal I had to readapt my skin routine to the weather and also to the skin products available in North America. Almost all products at the drugstore were too much for my skin type. This is when I decided to give Kiehl’s a try and I loved it. I used their day cream for a good three years until I realized it was not doing anything for me anymore.
I am now back in Europe and have switched back to French pharmacy products. However, I am trying to switch to organic skincare because it seems to work really well with my skin. And this is how I started using Estelle and Thild.
I own three Estelle and Thild products, here are my thoughts on them.
– It is the kind of moisturizer that as you rub it in because white and eventually clears
– It leaves your skin hydrated without it sticking
– the next morning my skin is nice and smooth
– I love this product’s smell
– The packaging is lovely and very practical with a pump
– I have had no allergic reactions to this product woop woop!!
– I am not too keen on using it in the morning before applying my makeup
-Though I love the packaging it would be helpful to see how much product is left

– This product can be used a couple of times a week
– It feels great after a long day at work to use this product
– Paired with the mask this product was awesome to use
– At first I thought this product might not be suited for my skin
– The particles are a bit too harsh for my taste
– I did not feel like this product was a must

– The mask feels very soothing
– It is a great complement to the scrub

– I like the soothing side of the mask but I wish it was purifying

What are you doing still reading this post? Go and check out Estelle and Thild’s website and check their products…
I bought my products from The Beauty Bay.

What do you think? Interested in organic products? Do you have recommendations?

Have a lovely day,